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I think that deep down you are a total sissy boy

You don't have to hide your sissy side when you are around me. I want to help you explore this feminine side of yourself. I even set out some clothes I think you will look good in.

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I have some special instructions for you

I have something extra special for you today. I am going to train you how to suck a dick and how to take one. So you are going to be a good boy and start choking on this.

Good fuck with Cindy Shine

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Rainwoman 4

The fiery fourth episode of the long-running squirter series finds Fallon once again reprising her ribald role as the woman whose talent for wonderfully wet action keeps her in the news. This installment starts off at the offices of a sleazy tabloid magazine, where editor Peter North is busy telling his intrepid reporters just what he wants for the next issue. It seems that their female readers want more juicy sex stories, and that’s exactly what he tells them to go out and track down. The topic for next months issue is going to be female orgasms, so the reporters hit the streets with passion as they hunt down the elusive legend of female ejaculation. Once again, things end up with Fallon turning in a drippingly good performance, but there’s plenty of red-hot action along the way to keep you up. Newcomer Bobbi Lee brings her lush all-natural assets to a steamy takedown of Marc Wallice in which she expends lots of energy and demonstrates a sexual enthusiasm that’s possible to ignore. And hard-charging Lois Ayres turns in another white-knuckle performance, taking down Peter North in a pair of over-the-top scenes. So get your umbrellas ready, its going to be a wet one tonight.

Anal Intruder 7

Once Again, The Most Intimate Intrusion... Lilly's friend is having trouble getting aroused. So Lilly does what any good friend would. She tries to find the magic formula. She tries vibrators. Voyeurism. Spanking. Peter North. Nothing works. Until she tries DP's and anal. Bingo, Presenting Anal Intruder 7 directed by Michael Carpenter, with Lilly Xene, and her dirtiest. May we intrude?

Chasin The Fifties

Ever just long for the "Good ol' Days"? Well, that's just what Chasey thinks we need. Jim Enright serves up this saucy little tale about life in the happy days of the 50's, through the eyes of the sex goddess of the 90's. Sound like fun? You bet your bobbi socks! Just think, how could life have ever been the same with a girl like Chasey way back when? So, whatta you waiting for? Pless play and find out.

The Visualizer

The Visualizer, originally released in 1992, could have very well been called The Daydreamer. The film follows Mike Horner as the lead Dan Baker working at a dead-end job for TT Boy and still struggling with his girlfriend more than a year ago. As he walks through life fantasizes he gets laid. The film opens with Mike having another lonely night out and coming home to his imaginary dog when he fantasizes Chrissy Ann is on his couch giving him detailed events of what she’d like him to do to her while she masturbates. The next day at work, Mike’s co-worker Tony Martino comes in and tries to help him out before Mike has to go in and see his boss TT Boy. While getting reprimanded, Mike checkes out TT’s secretaries Selena Steele, Heather Hart, and Heidi Kat. They gather on the office couch where all the girls take off their tops for some titty fucking by Mike then Selena and Heather tag team sucking his cock only for Heather to break away and ide his face shile Selena continues the sucking. Heidi and Selena get together while Heather rides Mike’s cock then Mike takes Selena in doggie style and missionary. The entire time Mike is getting fucked right next to him is the girl on girl action until the scene comes to a close with Selena jerking off Mike and licking him clean. After Mike meets his neighbor, the blonde Melanie Moore he wakes up in the middle of the night and has a fantasy of Melanie getting down with Chrissy Ann, who I am guessing was Mike’s former girlfriend. Then Mike’s buddy Tony, playing the horn-dog named Hooter, brings over the “sure thing” Heidi Kat to fuck Mike. But before they do that, she and Tony break away for a quick blow job in Mike apartment. Heidi is a great power cock sucker using both hands and her mouth as she energetically tugs and sucks Tony off until he shoots a pop shot that goes awry. Later on in the film Tony meets up with his co worker Selena Steele for some action and the film closes out with Mike finally getting laid with his neighbor Melanie Moore. The Visualizer wasn’t really anything special except for Heidi Cat’s cock sucking. It does give you an idea of how good a performer/actor Mike Horner was even back in the day.

Black Mariah

Oh man, this one's definitely going to piss some people with no sense of humor off! Subtitled "A Black Sex Comedy," this unique video is often very funny, while retaining its sexuality. Opening with old black and white cartoons full of racial caricatures along with old stereotypical film clips, they soon are zinging the jokes in a Laugh In-gone-naked style. A typical one is, "What do a sperm and a negro have in common? Only one in 150,000 work!" Offensive – maybe. Funny – yes. The sex then kicks into gear with Dominique playing with her pussy. Pretty soon it's "Hi, ho silver dildo time." After a couple more jokes, she's joined by a good-looking black stud. Later there's lots more jokes, fake commercials, some girl/girl action, an interracial boy/girl encounter, some more boy/girl and threesome black action, and a couple amusing country music tunes. Most of the sex works just fine. Black Mariah is not mean spirited, but does at times come close to crossing the line of acceptability. The sets and technical aspects are all top-notch. Highly recommended for the adventurous and open minded who can still enjoy a politically incorrect joke.

Sweet Cakes

First up is a Civil War 3-way with Serena, Desiree West and J.T. Galt, Serena's hubby at the time. Barnyard and barnhouse boffing. Next is Jean Dalton as Connie the cutie and the baby oil and cucumber scene. Hot slut schoolgirl in heat and an older gent's ideal fantasy. The 'kinkiest thing ever shot' is the Linda Wong/Ken Scudder bondage scene with appropriate twist ending. It's all-time hot material. Boston lesbians are next and identical twins Brooke and Taylor Young provide that extra ingredient of the erotic grotesque that places Ziehm and deRenzy at the top of the heap. Finally, fans of zaftig Jennifer get to see their favorite with pretty boy Kean. No pretense at Hollywood (but more than enough for social redeeming value challenges) -- just good hot sex...

Debbie Does Dallas 2

Get out your fiddle and banjo, start beating on them thar drums and don’t stop pickin’ til ya get the beat of the beds creakin’. Ya all see, what we got here it e surprise sex sequel of the year, Debbie Does Dallas Part II. And there ain’t nothin’ here but sex. It’s hotter than Texas in August – it’ll leave you with a sunburn. Put on then thar sunglasses. Here’s a movie that’s more fun than a hoedown at a Dallas Bar-B-Que. Some of the producers of them thar normal films should take a hint here. They ain’t repeatin’ themselves in the new Debbie video release. The characters do differin’ things. You see, Debbie (played by that luscious blonde Bambi Woods) didn’t make that cheerleadin’ squad. So R. Bolla picks her up in his pick-up as she travels southward. She’s headin’ to her Aunt Xavier, who owns a gen-u-ine Texas whorehouse. Now I didn’t see no Dolly Parton down thar but they got chippies with big tits anyway. Now Debbie gets down thar after getting’ thrown in jail for hitchhiking and learns the whorin’ business from her Auntie. But when some dummy cops wanna close the chicken ranch down, ol’ Debbie comes to her rescue and gets these guys the best head this side of Dixie. Weee-ooooh. There’s another of them thar wet shots. Anyways, Bambi Woods ain’t as young as she was when the original Debbie Does Dallas came out, but she sure does get into her role this time. Hey, and she’s still pretty. The sex takes off where the original left off and it looks like it isn’t stoppin’ everyhow. She gets a bath and dildoes by two of the other gal whores. And she gets done up real well by the deputy sheriff when she’s in prison. R. Bolla returns as the legendary Mr. Greenfelt, while Ron Jeremy stars as head coach and, boy does he, Debbie and another brunette get it on. Lucky Ron! Then there’s a scene with Debbie and another of them whores and this big, thick double dildo. Oh, yah, and there’s a surprise sex scene at the end that I ain’t gonna di-vulge ‘cause it’ll be real fun for those people who remember the first Debbie Does Dallas movie. Sexually speakin’, this movie has everythin’ the first one didn’t – and that’s a lot of wild, wooly, wall-to-wall sex with lots of hoe-down country music and old fashioned lovin’ sound effects. Slow motion, flyin’ shots too. Weee-oooo, ya better duck! Hey, bad actin’ too, but who cares. Better lookin’ whores you ain’t findin’ anywhere. Hey, and this girl in the film Lisa Cintrice, gives deep throat action that’d make most cowgirls choke. Debbie’s naivety is still cute, too. She ain’t lost non-a-that baby-faced charm. She’s a whorin’ now, but still relaxs with her teddy bear. There’s a great all-girl scene in a darkly lit “fantasy room” and Debbie’s thar a-watchin’ with wide eyes and askin’ questions. Then she masturbates. It’s great to see those hands a-rubbin’ all over her voluptuous, round body. Finally, the football team visits the ranch and a wild sexual extravaganza goes on. Ya know now the movie’s almost over and ya realize there ain’t been nothin’ but sex from start to finish – it’s succulent, erotic and full of life. I watch my horses do it in the hay and they ain’t been as wild as these women, no how. These girls wrap thar legs around anythin’ and scream and jump and come all over. So if you’re lookin’ for pure sex to show yer wife or girlfriend, I suggest you keep yer eyes on Debbie and her pals. It won’t tell ya a story, but it should turn ya on real fast. Hey, I wonder if there’ll be a Debbie Does Dallas, Part III. If not, I’d sure like to see this here Bambi Woods do some more of these adult films. She’s a lot fun and she’ll blow your mind real good.

The Out Of Towner

At one point during this video, Samantha Strong has her cool luscious legs draped over Frank James' lap. If ever a scene begged, cried and, demanded sex, it was this one. I'm yelling at the top of my lungs like I'm at some sporting event: "Go, go! Do it, do it! Put her away, Frank!" Only Frank doesn't do it. He leaves runners stranded in scoring position. That's my overall opinion about the storyline for The Out Of Towner. It kind of dies on third. Samantha plays a visiting kissin' cousin to James. She doesn't do a lot of kissin', but she does a lot of bendin' over. James dresses her up like a boy so his girlfriend Sade won't get jealous. Then it seems like the whole neighborhood drops in to play wham Sam thank you mam. Strong puts in her complimentary sex performance then slinks off before the video is over, apparently to keep her next shooting date. The supporting cast, especially Keisha and Angel Kelly throw in a few nice turns. There's tons of good, erotic fun stuff, but the storyline itself is putrid and paltry.

A Little Christmas Tail

Santa Claus leaves the North Pole for a toy convention in Miami, but his real reason for going is a little pre-Christmas "delivery" for a good little girl. Meanwhile, back at the North Pole Mrs. Claus has to put up with Santa's horny little Chief Elf, who has invented a gizmo called a "materializer" that not only brings toys to life but also gives them an overpowering sex drive.

Inside Sharon Mitchell

Move over, Seka, Desiree, Marilyn and Jennifer. Sharon now joins your ranks as one of the immortals who has her own "Inside" feature. Made up of two-thirds video clips and one-third original footage, Inside Sharon Mitchell is pure heaven for her fans. She is enthusiasm and lust personified. If I seem to be laying it on a bit too thick, consider that Sharon has appeared in over 230 adult films and videos in 14 years plus innumerable loops, personal appearances, etc. She has learned her craft well and has a good tim to boot. Mitchell says she can't decide if she likes men or women better. Likewise, I can't tell if she excels better in the boy/girl or the lesbian scenes. She loves to love Aja, Siobhan Hunter and Erica Boyer and is in seventh heaven with four guys at once. In between the segments, Sharon entertains us with incredible stories from her personal life – each of which seems too outrageous to be true. Milton Ingley (a.k.a. Michael Morrison) has assured me they really happened. A good showcase for Sharon in her latter years, but a nice touch would have been a film clip from Joy (1975), her first film. She has greatly changed, but she's still the hottest ticket in town.

Backdoor Lambada

Backdoor Lambada is a fine feature for those of you who enjoy anal and deep throat action. Four sexy ladies show up for an outside audition for three positions, so they give it their all for the job and do everything to make these club owners happy. Following their solo lambada dance, they are individually interviewed. Kristarrah Knight and Rick Savage get together for some inspired and energetic activity. She loves every inch of him down her throat and up her behind. You will love sexy Chessie Moore, the big tit lovers dream, who is delighted to start out with Paul Lee but soon adds one more guy to fill BOTH holes at once in an impressive sexually-saturated scene. Dusty tries to influence T.T. Boy for the job, and a welcome return by Trinity Loren and her familiar British significant other, Shane Hunter, provide a fine reappearance after too long an absence in the adult video field. A good combination of talented anal and oral sexual performers make this a sure winner.

Straight Boys Do

Straight to bed. Straight to your heart. Straight to long, hot... well, know the rest by now. (Yeah - straight to your lube drawer). If any of these dudes are straight though, then I'm Chuck Heston. Not believable in the least bit, but worthy for the deep-throating job that Dany pulls off on Lon's schlong. Brock Logan's looking hot, too. Straight Boys may, but this bunch of fags wouldn't know a straight boy if he back-slapped them and bought them a ale at a Flyers game. Good sex here; just don't believe the hype about the title.


DVDrip of yet another movie featuring Madison. Hope you guys aren't getting tired of her. This flick seems to be built around the final scene with Madison and Marc Wallice. The other four scenes could be from other movies although none of them are familiar to me. Good quality rip (imho) I think you'll like it.

Luscious Lucy In Love

Buxom Lucy (Keisha) works as a computer programmer in a hospital that deals with problems of sexual dysfunction. Apparently the clinic only accepts great looking studs such as Marc Wallace and Peter North for treatment, and staffs the place with equally overabundant females. As a matter of fact, on the very first day (the first case, yet!) assistants Tish Ambrose and Lori Lovett decide to make up their own policy on how to deal with patient problems. It's a "hands on" policy, naturally. Since this wafer-thin concept never gets off the ground, the producers come up with a brilliant idea to pep up this tired old video . . . and the girls order a pizza, delivered by Tom Byron and Randy West. Well, knock me over with a feather! The pizza boy routine is so incredibly innovative that it staggers one's imagination. Especially since Byron is sporting a mustache so thin that even Prince would laugh at it, and West inexplicably is wearing a tux. Since when does it take two guys to deliver a pizza, anyway? If you haven't fallen relax by now, we switch you to another exciting locale where Amber Lynn is monitoring the whole affair on surveillance TV. It gets her so hot that . . . she seduces the handyman! (Herschel Savage). Good God, when will this clever innovation end?

Sophia Takes On 2

Sophia Ferrari with Peter "pops" North and good old TT Boy. She had one hell of a fine ass.

Gejagte Sexmauschen

While fooling around with his girlfriend in the countryside, a schoolboy [he looks about 24 years old, but never mind] observes a couple of gangsters doing something sinister in the vicinity. He enlists the help of a classmate [another 24-year-old] and they follow the villains. One of them follows a little too closely and gets caught, and the gangsters him and lock him up in their headquarters, apparently a bar. It then appears that they deal, which comes as a bit of a relief, because so far in the film their only remotely wrong act was to treat German currency disrespectfully. Because these losers are too busy shagging their dolls they pay no attention to their captive and our hero can escape, and a chase ensues. In the time-honoured tradition of German sex comedies the chase leads through a bedroom where a couple are having sex. Meanwhile, the other boy had alerted the police and they raid the joint. After that, we see our two heroes enjoy the financial reward from the authorities, immediately followed by further good news: They receive an even bigger reward from rivalling dealers (who now have a monopoly), both financial and in kind, the latter in the form of Juditha Arlou. The sound of the film was dubbed afterwards - a pretty lacklustre effort, sometimes unintentionally funny.

Lie on the bed with your boy like in a good old time

Tube Porn Classic - free vintage porn tube, classic xxx movie, retro porn, Italian vintage porn movie, American vintage films, German vintage nude, French retro porno and many more top adult movies with Seka, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, Traci Lords, Kay Parker and others.

Raw Sex 3

Ashley Renee, after doing her first boy/girl scene with Sean Michaels in Up and Cummers 40, decided to do her first anal scene the next day with Vince. She got so turned on she asked me to join in for her first D.P.. Boy, did she like it. So did we! Alexandra Silk had watched me for years on video and always fantasized about having sex with me. Now is her chance, and she takes full advantage. Ive never seen a girl that likes it in her ass so much! Very erotic, hot, nasty stuff. She made me cum twice! The very loud, very horny beautiful redhead Ruby had always wanted to fuck Scott Styles, so I set it up for her. Well, she just went nuts, and when Scott dropped a big load in her ass she showed us some tricks you wont want to miss. The exotic Solvay doesnt do many D.P.s, but she always wanted me and she had Jake once and liked it-so she wanted us both at once! She got it good, and was rewarded by a hot double facial cumshot by her request! We do like to give the ladies what they want! Its all you want!

Une fille ca va, trois, attention les degats

Chinric, a rich (but virgin) heir, is being took by two punk/vixen girls, who demand a ransom that the parents are willing to pay... to keep their boy at bay! Fortunately, with the punk girls, Chinric learns how to have good sex.

Flame and PJ Sparxx in anal 3sum

The fantastic Flame meets the great PJ Sparxx and the unlikable TT Boy for a good anal threesome.

TT Boy in good company

TT gets all he can handle with 3 hot chicks

Exotic creampie classic movie with Rosl Mayr and Judy London

In 1906 the first Josephine Mutzenbacher book was published and immediately banned, ensuring a huge, under the counter distribution in all German speaking countries. The book was believed to have been written by Felix Salten a renown theatre critic. Part two was originally written in 1917 and still ranks with the highest selling erotic art/literature and has legendary status. That's a long time to be popular! Imagine how much sperm has been spilled over the decades in her name. Prostitute Josephine Muntzenbacher, played by a beautiful, tall, young girl, cheerfully narrates her great sexual adventure. Diving straight into the business of the day, Josephine recounts her non-stop sexual experiences. We follow from her wonderment at the discovery of 'man-milk' to her realisation that her pussy is worth gold. Every man who crosses her path feels her seductive hand. The numerous sex scenes include: an excessively overweight barmaid is laid back and exposed, whereupon a skinny little man is lifted into penetration position and lifted up and down until he cums! In another, an incredible under-table orgy is followed by a truly outrageous table top group tumble. When her boyfriend finds her and a girl friend enjoying the fresh meat of the butcher boy, he throws her out and Josefine's life as a whore takes off in ernest. Unfortunately she falls into the hands of a pimp, but is rescued by a handsome Hungarian cavalryman with whom she falls in love. The officer accepts a challenge to ride 3 miles, fuck 3 women and feel 3 quarts in 3 hours. To complete the crazy tasks on time, having sex in his horse's saddle is necessary. Needless to say the after party is an extremely debaucherous affair. The enterprising Ms Mutzenbacher returns to Vienna and opens her own opulent brothel, where she has her choice of the men. If you want something quite different – a change from hard anal, endless gonzo and are charmed by a really good yarn, buy this classic show.

Exotic anal vintage movie with J. Massey and Hershel Savage

Gangster Dutch (Harry Reems) has just been dumped by his foul-mouthed dame, Jessie (Cara Lott). When he meets cigarette girl Katherine (Ginger Lynn), he renames her "Kitty", and makes her his broad, much to her delight. The only problem is that Kitty is a lady and Dutch likes his dames trashy. So, he hires potty-mouthed, trashy broad Rita (Amber Lynn) to teach Kitty the ropes. Rita proceeds to teach Kitty how to be trashy with her first lesson being an educational romp with newspaper boy Jimmy (Tom Byron). Kitty begins to really enjoy being trashy and begins being bitchy and spewing obscenities left and right, that are quite hilarious coming from her, but I believe that's the point. There is another subplot involving another gangster, but the high points of this film, besides Ginger Lynn's comedic approach and Amber Lynn's over-the-top cheese, are some memorable sex scenes: The Ginger/Amber/Tom session is quite steamy, as is the Ginger/Bunny Bleu pairing, which is a lot coming from me since Bunny has never buttered my biscuit; so this was a nice surprise. There's also a nice DP performed by Cheri Janvier with Marc Wallice and Francois Papillon in a boxing gym. If you like good classic porn, get this rare gem if you can find it.

Private vices, public virtues

Rudolf is a good-natured pan-sexual golden boy, who cavorts on his rural estate with a host of beautiful, aristocratic lovers and friends of both sexes. He refuses to leave his country idyll even though he has been ordered to by the Emperor,

Luscious Lucy

Buxom Lucy works as a computer programmer in a hospital that deals with problems of sexual dysfunction. Apparently the clinic only accepts great looking studs such as Marc Wallace and Peter North for treatment, and staffs the place with equally overabundant females. As a matter of fact, on the very first day assistants Tish Ambrose and Lori Lovett decide to make up their own policy on how to deal with patient problems. It's a 'hands on' policy, naturally. Since this wafer-thin concept never gets off the ground, the producers come up with a brilliant idea to pep up this tired old video. . . and the girls order a pizza, delivered by Tom Byron and Randy West. Well, knock me over with a feather! The pizza boy routine is so incredibly innovative that it staggers one's imagination. Especially since Byron is sporting a mustache so thin that even Prince would laugh at it, and West inexplicably is wearing a tux. Since when does it take two guys to deliver a pizza, anyway? If you have not fallen arelax by now, we switch you to another exciting locale where Amber Lynn is monitoring the whole affair on surveillance TV. It gets her so hot that. . . she seduces the handyman! . Good God, when will this clever innovation end?

Haunted Nights

Celeste is wild, uninhibited and supremely nasty ... good for a serious rewind session ... The TT Boy and Sahara sex plunge finale is awards worthy! That's all I found, but I'd add that the film is cool !!!

Pornospiele Mit Stock und Peitsche

Rudolf is a good-natured pan-sexual golden boy, who cavorts on his rural estate with a host of beautiful, aristocratic lovers and friends of both sexes. He refuses to leave his country idyll even though he has been ordered to by the Emperor,

Gang Bang Face Bath 2

Next up is blonde beauty Kim Chambers with her plump fun bags as she satisfies the cravings of six hungry cocks in two back-to-back scenes! The first three cock hounds up for plowing her furrow are Marc Wallice, Peter North and Tom Byron who play slip 'n slide with her tight ass, wet pussy and suctioning mouth. After enticing Peter North's pulsating cock to come in her mouth and on her face the action immediately shifts to the 3rd scene also featuring our vixen, Kim Chambers. In this third scene our stunt cocks are again Peter North and Marc Wallice joined by veteran Joey Silvera. Perhaps Ms. Chhambers had just had her implants when this scene was filmed because just like in scene two she refuses to let those huge sweater puppies venture too far outside of her bra. Regardless, we get to see the boys fully enjoy Chambers' lecherous offerings as she gobs their knobs and sticks her ass in the air for DP action. After a good long shagging Peter North is again the point man for shooting his viscous load all over her face and open mouth.

Extreme sex. The club

Dyanna and Brad are on their way to meet buddies Rebecca and Sean at a popular gathering spot. 'It's Dyanna and Brad's anniversary. They're celebrating five monotonous years of routine matrimony. Perhaps a night at a supper club will relieve the sameness-for a few hours, anyway. 'Boy are they right. The restaurant turns out to be a Sex Club, An 'Extreme Sex' Club. With hot wax, Interracial anal, Shaving, Foot Worship. And a brisk spanking for good measure. 'Get in hot? Join the club. Extreme Sex, The Club. Part One of a sizzling new series.

Booty Mistress

All hail the Booty Mistress! Once you see her perfect curves, you'll want to explore her entire body with your tongue. She commands many a man with her luscious rear. Get down on you knees and take a good look at the ass you'll be fucking! Then Mistress will ride you till you explode! Enjoy!

Naked Instinct

A woman is in therapy bacause of her uncontrollable desire for young men. She recounts stories of her sordid past, including seducing a rich kid when his parents are away, and giving a fraternity boy a good time. The therapist tells her about another of his patients who has virtually the same problem, and tells of this patient’s encounters with a pool cleaner, a hot tub repairman, a football jock, and a young army recruit. Eventually patient and therapist get to know each other better.

Female Animal

A sultry Latin peasant woman, who has overstayed her welcome in her relatives’ home, is run off the road while bicycling by a wealthy aristocrat. Immediately attracted to her, he hires her as his “maid”, and introduces her to the good life. She soon finds herself in a bitter power struggle between the man and his spoiled playboy son. After being subjected to an LSD cocktail and a shipboard orgy, and having slept with the man’s son, mistress and the stable boy, she grows disgusted with upper class decadence and descends into prostitution, her cat being her only solace.

Senza vergogna

The Sexual Life of George’s stops and not to breathe. Owner of a large estate in the countryside in Viareggio, man, no longer young but still handsome, alternates repeated occasions marriage with his wife Alessia frantic and furtive meetings, ancillary and rustic. The pair row in full agreement, but has a paralyzed son, whose main purpose is amusement in spying with a telescope from a wheelchair, or even through the keyhole, the asides, which are legitimate or not, the fiery parent. Andrew, the son in question, a teenager who feels the natural promptings of his age, but his efforts, rare and clumsy, and with peasant girls in the housing business, either by Areta, the blonde waitress, who do not face ridicule or rejection. From this anguish and frustration. George died from a fall down stairs at home at night, the tension becomes acute Andrea, for the appearance on the scene of Maximus, the new and handsome owner of the farm bordering on it, who, having quickly got wooing Alessia, manages to win initial resistance of craving widow. The vision of the two, connected in a good grove and framed by the usual telescope, aggravates and upsets the unfortunate boy, his mother took to calling the man of the house. Will be starting her own son to the sex life, that misfortune and the behavior of other women seem to have denied him

Anal Hunger

Got an appetite for ass destruction? An all out anal fuck-fest shot in Borsky Vision. Watch as these vixens take large cock not only in the mouth and twat but all the way up in their tight white asses. There's quite a bit of ATM too... yumm! Sounds like my idea of a good time!

Bullet Videopac

Better in bed Kyle Hazard meets Eric Ryan and they move indoors where it's warm showing that even country boy do better in bed! Good deeds Jerry Brent looks back to his tropical fling with Dak, and Jeff Cameron arrives on the scene to prove that a bird in the hand. Country Style Dak is getting his jollies with a hot magazine when Bo Gantry turns up in need of assistance, illustration that hot flesh is much more satisfying. Glenn's Cove mighty Glen Dime finds sunbathing a turn on he's got a lot to turn on

Desire to be a good stepmother makes Richelle Ryan get it on with boy

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