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Hot Spur

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Foolish Pleasure

District Attorney, Sam, is a sleazy peeping tom who gets off watching Alice and Tom gyrate pleasure. His tantalizing wife, Camille, wants to put Sam where he belongs. Her plans include hot body rubs and oil massages with the luscious Luna, torrid threesomes, and sizzling lesbian lustfests. Everyone is fooling around wherever and whenever they can in this erotic tale of Foolish Pleasure.

Code Name: Raw-Hide

Frank and Barny are agents of the PBI – Pornographic Bureau of Investigation, sent by Chief Rank, Head of Vice, L.A. District, to go down on the dirty crime spots of Hollywood. Mousie’s Hot Shoppe is an adult bookstore where the owner is as much titillated as his customers by the material on sale. The agents are surprised to uncover that Mousie knows Chief Rank all too well, but it comes handy as he is willing to be an informer. So, the agents “discover” the Travelling House of Pleasure, a door-to-door delivery service of of Eastern Delights, the Good Time girls. The agents move next against the Nature Film business where a shady film director operates. Barny dresses as a woman for a casting session, and his act is too convincing for the lusty Director. Frank and Barny enter the dark Porny Theater easy, for the ten dollar admission fee; there is each man for himself, in a see of pleasure sources. Finally, it comes down to a battle of the sexes, when Barny fights off the advances of …

The Big Rock

Friends are up for anything when a rock conjures up uninhibited passionate fantasies and past rendezvous. This classic film has hot scenes and stars from the golden era.:There are couples heating up the screen and a smokin' girl on girl scene. There are scandalous sexual activities from Amanda Tyler, Tabitha Stevens, Jerry Butler and more!

Blonde Angel

What if you died and were taken through highlights of your life and all you saw was one sex act after another Buck faces just such a fate in Bud Lee's steamy feature Blonde Angel, with our very own blonde angel, Kelly Jaye. Watch the beautifal ? Full DescriptionKelly, sultry Isis Nile, exotic Cumisha, nymphett Vixxxen and hot little Heather Lee have the times of their lives while one Buck Adams looks on his. Blonde Angel. You'll think you've died and went to heaven.

Las Vegas Erotica

Come take a whirlwind sexual tour of America's sexual premier 1CSin City 1D, Las Vegas. Your tour guide is a 1Cworking girl' who knows where the action is 13 and was not talking about craps and keno! For starters, you'll see how those leggy showgirls prepare for their hot nightclub act 13 with a wet poolside orgy. Then, two cocktail waitresses concoct the ultimate three-way, with a willing and worked up bartender. Of course, that's not to mention the girl-girl antics, the group gropes, the interracial encounters, and fun stuff that transpires in Las Vegas Erotica.

And God Created Woman

DeMornay plays an escaped convict who lands in the limousine of New Mexico gubernatorial candidate, becomes a hot singing act, and leaves a trail of men in her wake

Cockaramic Injections

Video amateur Christian Guerlain (Christophe Clark) is sending the intimate sex games with his wife Claudine (Sandrine Marove) via the house antenna. All this by accident of course, but the neighbours can watch the couple having kinky sex now. Turned on by the hot new programme the neighbours get horny, but also chief inspector Roquefort (Yves Baillat) gets a hard-on ... - A spicy Hardcore Comedy, dirty and funny showing some of VT0?s horny topstars who also like to come through the 'backdoor' sometimes ...

The Postgraduate Course in Sexual Love

The more one knows about sex, the richer, more satisfying and more stable his - or her - sex life is likely to become. This movie has the Ron Jeremy seal of approval stamped on it. Therefore it is a truly hot retro fuck fest with plenty of hot sexual interludes. You definitely won't want to miss a moment.

Still Going Strong

Indeed: from lean to obese, from 50 to 70, everything is represented. And from the bomb mood and Ficklust these seniors to younger can cut a whole fillet! The veterans come shipped in by bus to the tourist restaurant or in a club, so heartily to the point that no one thinks to pensioners and transitional Heizdeckenverkauf. Hot Strips and Bums-polonaises are continued on the toilet; when the oldies Mamas times find no stiffeners, will also do bottles, and they are all cum drenched. Not a cheap Granny movie in dimly lit back room, but rather a grandiose pleasure life!

Primary Pleasures

This is a story about 80's politicians. These local members of the city council have sex lives that are more demanding than public office. First we see councilman Mr Norris with political hopeful Susan Warren, they meet in his cozy love nest in the burrough of Queens. He sucks on her and she returns the favor. The councilman takes her missionary and then finishes the scene, taking her from behind and exploding on her ass. Then we meet Francisco, and he and Susan try out the love nest in a very hot scene. Susan rides his face like there's no tomorrow and Francisco manages to lick her ass a few times as well. Susan rides him hard and he creams all over her. The janitor from the building then shows another political candidate the love nest. Her name is Miss Geraldine Taylor and she is a hottie. The janitor is seduced by her and her uncontrollable sexual appetite. This is a raw scene of unbridled passion, complete with all the dirty talk, like 'suck my clit!' Susan then confronts the janitor about him fucking and sucking Miss Taylor, Susan tells him that she will call the police. She says that if he doesn't lick her pussy then he will go to jail for years. Th threat obviously works, because they have hardcore intercourse. We then find Miss Taylor and Francisco involved in the grand final, a serious scene of sucking, licking, fingering and fucking. They perform a very intense 69 with Francisco's inserting his finger into her ass as a bonus. He then rams her doggie and ends up massaging her buttocks with his hot man lotion.

Kinky Classics #2

Shelly Culligan might look like your typical 40s housewife, but there is one thing that is definitely not typical with this amateur - she's sneaking around to put her sexual exploits on camera. Video cameras were a pretty new thing back then, so it's especially risque that she wants to do something like that. Her stocking covered legs get spread open, and her head goes back as Clyde Tidwell starts to work his fingers deep inside of her hairy pussy. She loves getting all of that attention, especially when it's captured for all time.Even in the older days of porn there is nothing a woman likes more than too have a young inexperienced tart to teach the ropes too. The buxom blonde poses the brunette then strips her out of her bra and panties, the brunette is shy and holds her arms over her tits, trying to keep her knees together without success. The more she squirms away from her the more the blonde gets turned on, exerting her dominance over the young slut. When she finds her button, the brunette stops trying to get away and starts to enjoy the sensations of having her twat eaten.In the age of woman being full covered from head to toe, showing as little skin as possible these Southern Belles would be considered ladies in public, but what happens behind closed doors is another matter. They have naked man servants to wait on the them hand and foot and provide for their every comfort. They give new meaning to the term whiskey dick, when she pours her beverage all over his shaft, only to lick and suck it clean again. Finally letting him touch her she lays back to enjoy all that he has to offer.Bobby Ferrin is on a hot date with Rhea Price and just like it was way back when he nails her in the backseat of his car. Her hairy pussy is spread open and he eats that shit like it's his job while stroking his own knob. Rhea takes his cock in her mouth and gives him a slow blowjob while she's still having her snatch fingered by this gentleman. They get a good fuck going and we get a couple views, one from the backseat and one through the windshield, hell they might even be at the drive-in just like it was in the old days. He finishes her off while she's sitting on his face with her hair-pie.

Penetration Of Elle Rio

The Penetration of Elle Rio is an erotic and stimulating presentation of the hottest actress in adult video. Hustler magazine calls centerfold Elle Rio 'A hot-blooded-Brazilian sexpot with a ravenous body - a sexual dynamo'. Sharon Mitchell co-stars with Tanya Fox and Viper. 'The tattooed snake woman'. The story features Viper in a dazzling sex scene shot with electrifying strobe lights, sure to become a classic. Elle Rio exhibits all her raw talent as she portrays the nasty other woman in a story which includes six penetrations. A must for sex vid fans - The Penetration of Elle Rio is fast, furious, hot, steaming and passionate.

San Francisco Ball

Three thugs kidnap two innocent young women and demand $50,000 from one of the girl’s sister, while her boyfriend is hot on the trail. Unfortunately, after being abused and cut with razor blades, the girls don’t stand a chance.

Hollywood Hot Tubs

A teen and his friends get into trouble for vandalizing the Hollywood sign, and rather than going to prison he opts to work for his uncle’s hot tub repair company. The sleazy salesman drums up business by sabotaging the tubs at Hollywood Hot Tubs and by wooing the owner. The nephew begins falling in love with the secretary at his uncle’s company, but risks losing her when caught in compromising but unintentional situations while he goes about his duties as tub repairman.

Pet of the Month

PET OF THE MONTH Mariwin Roberts comes back hot from her Hawaiian vacation and recounts all her sexual exploits to her office co-workers. She tells them about the hunk hang glider and the love she made on the beautiful sandy beaches of Hawaii

Panting At The Opera

An erotic spoof of 'Phantom of the Opera,' this is a total 80's parady classic that gave birth to a new genre of films that do spoofs or take-offs of hollywood motion pictures, plays, and TV shows. In this film we get to see another side of the Gabriel Twins: the nasty side. We never knew that Lisa and Michelle would do stuff like that. It co-stars a very sexually charged Cara Lott, complete with her blonde curly locks and perky tits: definitely one hot piece of ass. Also appearing is a sexy Tanya Foxx who really helps to give this movie an extra X! Another great example of 80's classic culture!

Vollgerotzte Lippen

German whores will suck your dick like a vacuum with the expectation that you will pound their pussies hard and fast. These bitches won't settle for the same old Strudel, they want to be fucked to remember!!! Can you handle these slutty imports? Can you bear to watch all of this hot and hardcore action without being too envious of your place of origin? Cum find out!!!

Yo Yo Yo

This is a very black Christmas tale. Have you been dreaming of a bad Christmas? And when I said bad, I mean good. Well, here it is. Rudolph's hot nose will lead us from one smoking scene to the next.

Eyewitness Nudes

This mindless little video boasts a ton of very hot scenes. First, there is a rather lukewarm b-g with Sunny and the rather creepy Wayne Summers. Once the crap is out of the way we can settle down to enjoy a series of excellent scenes: Madison and Taylor do Marc Wallice poolside -great sequence. Tom Byron does the majestic Raven, Marc Wallice screws the very cute Tera. There is some looping in that last scene, fortunately of the good, full body, shots only. Then we get a great 3-way girl-girl with Sandra, Madison and Sunny poolside. Nice scene, as g-g scenes go, lots of smiles and laughs. The sixth scene is another great 3some, this time between Joey, Raven and Sunny. The seventh (!) and last scene is between Marc and Patricia Kennedy, and is rather boring.

Hot Nights Of Linda

A notorious example of über-sleaze: Alice Arno (of JUSTINE DE SADE fame) stars as a secretary sent to the seaside estate of a depraved millionaire, his nymphomaniac daughter (Franco’s beloved muse Lina Romay), her invalid cousin and their grunting houseboy. But when her day’s work ends, a nightmare of depraved new duties will begin!

Butts Afire

This flick is a classic and it's packed with hot cock-blowing sex! Lots of dick sucking going on for you to enjoy! great lesbian scene where both chicks can't wait to get at that pussy!

Sex Mountain

Four models go to the Alps for a photoshoot in the snow. They arrive by helicopter and meet some male skiers during the shoot. They leave by car. Their car breaks down and they are helped by the same male skiers. After one model has sex with one of the helpers in the back of their van, they repair to a hotel where general sexual mayhem ensues. In the last scene, the model played by Diana Auvers (credited as Verena Marius), seems to be replaced by a new, uncredited female, with similar hairstyle but thinner face.:Slide in and plant your pole in one of the hottest little ski huts around! An innocent weekend ski trip into one big snowplow as these ski-sluts swap partners fast enough to melt down any mountain! Downhill, freestyle, hot-doggin' through the back chute, hot blooded ski tramps like to take plenty of runs 26in all ways! 26On top of 26Sex Mountain!!

The Caper - Lost Films Of Kathy Hilton

Porn aficionados world-wide get ready to rejoice! Alpha Blue Archives studio is proud to present 'The Lost Films of Kathy Hilton'! This triple feature box-set is a scorching hot tribute to one of the prettiest brunette starlets of the early '70s soft-core X-rated scene genre. You've never seen Kathy in action like this before. 'The Caper' gives you an idea of what happens on set during a photo shoot where neighbors and models alike cum together as Kathy directs the debauchery.and even joins in herself! Lesbian love-play and group sex are just some of the raunchy acts this kinky crew engages in when this photographer is on the set.

Hot Target

Wife of successful NZ businessman is seduced by fellow American after “chance” meeting in park. However, Greg has more than love-making with the beautiful Christine in mind.

Public Eye

Are you ready for some hot classic action? God damn right you are! In the first scene this hot brunette does her thing to a casting agent while he runs his mouth. Then a sexy chick blows a guy in a moving car. And that's just the beginning; there's enough classic fucking to make you shoot load after load!

Deep Inside Ashlyn Gere

You are invited to join Ashlyn Gere as she personally pilots you through some of her favorite scenes. You get to find out what really makes her hot and gets her off. Just when you think you've seen it all she will show you a brand new fantasy scene, one created exactly to Ashlyn's specifications. You can't get much deeper than that.

Women of Color 1

In each Volume we bring you five erotic tapes filled with seductive women of all nationals, which are sure to keep you cumming and coming back for more! So cum check out these ebony delights as they suck and fuck each guy's brains out. Don't miss out on this hot, interracial action.

Schulmadchen-Report 9: Reifeprufung vor dem Abitur

After an awkward night with her new husband, the 18-year-old Petra decides to celebrate her upcoming divorce by attending the private house party. A young virgin named Tessy is concerned about losing her virginity at the orgy scheduled for the party, so her friend Paul does something sure to help her not get laid. A creepy father sexually assaults his own step-daughter after discovering her having a lesbian encounter, and gets himself into hot water after discovering she is now pregnant with his child. Katja and her boyfriend visit her parents on their 20th wedding anniversary, only to discover they’ve transformed into lame “hipsters”. Claudia is haunted by memories of a flasher wearing a huge dildo and this trauma has made her frigid. Monika and her boyfriend Karl are down on their luck and Monika’s parents think they should get married and start a life together. The morning after the party, all these young lives converge into one tragic moment. Who lives? Who is injured? Who will have their life changed forever?

Hot Dogs auf Ibiza

Tube Porn Classic - free vintage porn tube, classic xxx movie, retro porn, Italian vintage porn movie, American vintage films, German vintage nude, French retro porno and many more top adult movies with Seka, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, Traci Lords, Kay Parker and others.

Educating Serena

Serena & Tiffany find themselves in a strange city without money. They find a pimp (Jamie Gillis) and go into business. This video shows Serena & Jamie at their best. Watch as Serena sucks and fucks her way to the top in this non-stop action video. A must for Serena fans. :(Note: this footage was probably shot circa 1979 and released c.1980 but is dated as per the tape cover of 1986, so please note that this particular scene also appears/originates in Hot Love (1980) and also Night Flight (1980) as well as Cherry-etts for Hire (1984) respectively.

Koo-Koo For Coco Cock

Is it true what the say about black men as lovers? We may never know, but we do know that some chicks just can't get enough of that hard black stuff. Koo-Koo for Coco cocks is full of hot interracial action that will amaze and excite you. This film is a classic and a must see.

The Girls of Russia

The West is ready, but experts know: the tighter appearance of the Russian bear to beautiful, long legs could even make the Arctic melt! The corset fled, dock the sex cosmonauts to everything that moves - not only the dissolute casting ... The final sperm salute comes in Antwerp, so, how best to go about getting to the nitty-gritty: from behind in the ass. So, Euro-Russian Entente sex on location with luxury cast of hot, new girls. Nastrovje!

Erectnophobia 2

You can't see where they're hiding, but they're here...and they're extremely hungry. Jungle fever is breaking out everywhere; it starts with a bite... a soft warm wet nibble and then you begin to sweat and then an unusual stiffness occurs followed by an overwhelming feeling of insatiable lust that takes over your mind and you're trapped... caught in a web... a captive... but it's just too good, too hot to let Erectnophobia 2, it's as hard as a rock and it's coming to get you...

Southern Accents

Let's make a ride on the wild side! When these Southern Bells saddle up on these hot studs, it's exotic, erotic fun and frolic. This full motion picture features some of the best porn actors in the industry. Enjoy a man getting fucked in the ass by a hot woman wearing a strap on. If you think that scene is great, watch out because the ending is spectacular with a nice healthy gangbang!


Poor scoundrel who spends all of his time on the beach, finds a way to get some money: a course on comets. Helped by his girlfriend and the daughter of his girlfriend’s boss, he starts the course, which is, in fact, a way to attract young women for hot orgies.

Taste Of Marilyn

Marilyn Jess was one of the first European sex stars to make a sexy splash on American shores. A French girl whose buxom blonde beauty was impossible to ignore, Marilyn sizzled her wanton way through a string of sexvids in the mid-80s, and some of her best-ever erotic moments are captured in this scintillating collection. A very full-breasted yet all-natural girl, Marilyn's bawdy lust for life comes through loud and clear, as she takes on all comers in a series of white-hot encounters. Her energy and enthusiasm drive every scene to a shattering conclusion, and Marilyn's eye-popping good looks will keep your eyes riveted to the screen. This one's a must-have for fans of naturally busty European sex kittens!

Persia's Back

Persia is sexy, hot, and booty-ful, in this action-packed, erotic, interracial anal feature. After returning from Europe's hardcore scene, Persia finds that much is still the same about the American side of the porn biz. She is stuck in a sticky mess since she is still signed to an exclusive deal with sleazy porno producer Jake Williams.

Tuesday's Lover

An ice cream shoppe becomes the site for all kinds of carnal cavorting 14 when it's run by Herschel Savage and Tom Byron, that is! Tom plays a young stud who can't help but be attracted to vivacious counter girl Blair Castle, but his boss warns him to keep his hands off. Meanwhile, Herschel's up front chatting with come-hither customer Kimberly Carson. While she tells him all about her troubles, he dreams up a delirious dalliance with Kimberly that lays bare his freakiest fantasies. And after he closes up shop, Tom finds himself confronted with Blair's irresistible charms. The couple get down and dirty right there in the shop! Ice cream's the only thing that's not red hot in this wild romp from the 80s!